Workers National Liberation Front

Workers’ National Liberation Front


(Ergatikon Ethnikon Apeleutherotikon Metopon; EEAM), a national liberation front in Greece from July 1941 to August 1944. Created at the initiative of Communists, EEAM included the Communist Party, the General Labor Confederation, a number of other union organizations, and, from September 1941, the Socialist Party.

The chief objectives of EEAM were to defend the rights of the working class, to struggle for the unification of all patriotic forces and for the creation of a general Greek national liberation front, and to coordinate the struggle of the Greek working class with that of workers’ organizations of other countries. EEAM took part in the founding of the National Liberation Front (EAM) in September 1941. In August 1944 the Central Committee of EEAM adopted a decision to form from EEAM a unified General Labor Confederation of Greece.

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