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What does it mean when you dream about a workman?

To dream of workmen may represent that the dreamer needs to be working on themselves. For example, if the “men working” signs are up while no one is working, laziness and irresponsibility may be at issue. The workmen may be drilling into the earth, which suggests that the dreamer may be embarking on an exploration of the unconscious mind.

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It became a conservative stronghold, and to this day, Workman is the county's only Republican state representative.
President Donald Trump announced the Workman nomination Wednesday.
Workman, formerly executive managing director of Savitt Partners, will lead a team of brokers handling investment sales, office leasing, 1031 exchanges, land sales and other commercial real estate services on a local, national and international basis.
com/tv/ariel-winter-modern-family-star-on-estranged-mom-crystal-workman/) People , the Department of Children and Family Services have found evidence that Workman has been emotionally abusing her own daughter.
The order includes supervision and Workman, who was suspended by the school upon his arrest, must also attend a sex offender treatment programme.
The workman then asked for a pen and a glass of water and while the man was distracted the thief reached into his trouser pocket and grabbed the cash before running off.
A" twill jute bags of size 600 mm lengths x 350mm width colour blue for bagging of 33 kgs of 9mm brass cups, the material & workman ship of bag as per specn.
Letters have been sent to parents informing them of the investigation, while detectives are contacting schools where Workman has previously been employed.
Of course, Workman did not only sing Child ballads; there are also songs that one might call part of the core North American repertoire, such as 'Darling Cory', 'Oh Death', 'In the Pines', and a very effective 'The Carolina Lady' (`The Lion's Den', Roud 396) sung to a tune more usually associated with 'Poor Wayfaring Stranger'.
From 2003 to October 2007, Hoffman asked for payments from Workman in exchange for Hoffman choosing Workman's company as a coffee supplier for Sam's Club, the news release said.
Fazakerley and Workman were chosen by the judging panel in part for their entrepreneurial vision at Eagle.
As the president and founder of TIFIE Humanitarian (Teaching Individuals and Families Independence Through Enterprise), Workman hopes to instruct people in third world countries on how to be self-sustaining.