Works Progress Administration

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Works Progress Administration:

see Work Projects AdministrationWork Projects Administration
(WPA), former U.S. government agency, established in 1935 by executive order of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt as the Works Progress Administration; it was renamed the Work Projects Administration in 1939, when it was made part of the Federal
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One exception to working for himself occurred during the Depression when he worked awhile for the Works Progress Administration, a Federal program set up to provide support for needy artists.
It was in mourning for Eva that he wrote The Cradle Will Rock, a landmark presentation of the Federal Theatre Project--itself an ill-starred Works Progress Administration enterprise intended to keep theater artists off the unemployment lines.
He began his career in the 1930's with the Works Progress Administration.
Using the Depression era's Works Progress Administration as a model, federal and state officials could easily enable unemployed workers to make a useful contribution to their communities.
As the free-wheeling '20s made way for the somber Depression of the '30s, the chamber maintained its effort, supporting the Works Progress Administration projects and urging construction of the Lido Casino as a way of increasing summer tourism.
In 1935, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) was created; $1.
Roosevelt's New Deal through the Works Progress Administration spent millions by creating jobs for Americans in libraries.
Since the Great Depression, when the Works Progress Administration temporarily employed struggling writers to compile the memories of exslaves, there has been no shortage of testimony from this historical period.
Unearthed during a Works Progress Administration projectin the 1930s, these and other bones were stored at the university but had never been closely examined due to lack of sufficient funds and staff.
UCubed continues its call for the president to create a 21st century Works Progress Administration (WPA) similar to the one created by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1935.
Roosevelt signed the Emergency Relief Appropriations Act, which provided money for programs such as the Works Progress Administration.
The famous photographers who fanned out across the nation on behalf of the Works Progress Administration and documented the plight of the poor are well-known and well-remembered.