World Meteorological Organization

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World Meteorological Organization

(WMO), specialized agency of the United Nations; established in 1950 with headquarters at Geneva, it became affiliated with the United Nations a year later. It replaced the International Meteorological Organization, which was established in 1873. WMO aims at promoting international cooperation between the world's meteorological stations, standardizing meteorological observations, encouraging research and training, extending the use of meteorological findings to different fields, and helping to protect life and property from weather-, climate-, and water-related disasters. Satellites, used to collect meteorological data and in communications, have made possible the rapid exchange of observations for forecasting in the WMO-sponsored World Weather Watch. WMO operates through the World Meteorological Congress (which meets every four years with delegates from its entire membership), an executive committee, eight technical commissions, a secretariat, and six regional meteorological associations in Africa, Asia, South America, North and Central America, the SW Pacific, and Europe. It has 188 members.

World Meteorological Organization


(WMO), an association with the goal of assisting international cooperation in the development of meteorological observations and research and in the coordination of the activities of national meteorological and hydrometeorological services. It was founded by the United Nations in 1947.

Before the World Meteorological Organization was created, its functions were fulfilled by the International Meteorological Organization, founded in 1871. On June 1, 1970, 122 governments were members of WMO. The highest organ of WMO is the World Meteorological Congress, which convenes once every four years. The Executive Committee consists of 24 directors of national services and meets not less than once a year. Six regional associations coordinate the activities of services in large geographical regions (Africa, Asia, South America, North and Central America, Southwest Pacific Ocean, and Europe). Eight technical commissions were created to investigate special technical questions connected with problems of carrying out and standardizing meteorological observations, exchanging meteorological information forecasting weather, and meteorological research and applied meteorology. The permanent organ of WMO is the Secretariat, which is located in Geneva, Switzerland.


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He will review the sultanate s vision towards the priorities of the strategic plan of the world meteorological organization, the sultanate s experience in dealing with natural disasters, as well as, its future plans in this field.
Project Details : The project is to assist the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) to set up a new office in Haiti as part of the WMO Programme Climate Services to Reduce Vulnerability in Haiti .
The World Meteorological Organization says carbon dioxide was measured at 393.
ICAO is a UN body that works closely with other United Nations members including the World Meteorological Organization, the International Telecommunication Union, the Universal Postal Union, the World Health Organization and the International Maritime Organization.
London, Nov 30(ANI): The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has said that temperatures in 2011 were nearing the top of records dating back to 1850 despite weather patterns which cool global temperatures.
The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) in Geneva announced last month that the mean surface temperature of the globe in 1998 reached 0.
hurricanes that have caused so much devastation and loss of life, these names have been retired and will never be used again,'' said Eirah Gorre-Dale of the World Meteorological Organization.
Data will also be distributed to the World Meteorological Organization in Switzerland, where it will be made available to more than 100 countries.
The system has been developed by Hydrologic Research Center (HRC), USA through joint collaboration among the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), US National Weather Service, USAID, HRC, USA and Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD).
It's too early to point to a human fingerprint behind the recent disasters but climate change may be exacerbating the intensity of them," World Meteorological Organization climate data chief Omar Baddour said.
WMO visibility data are visibility records collected by the World Meteorological Organization from the meteorological stations and some airports throughout the world.
He is a member of various scientific committees at national level and also the chair of World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Working Group on WMO Information System and integrated Observing System(WG-IOS/WIS).

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