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world's fair:

see expositionexposition
or exhibition,
term frequently applied to an organized public fair or display of industrial and artistic productions, designed usually to promote trade and to reflect cultural progress.
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We're excited to have him participate in Worlds Fair Nano and share his vision for American leadership in the 21st Century," says Michael Weiss, CEO of Worlds Fair USA.
In addition to Senator Kaine, guests of Worlds Fair Nano can expect to learn from over 40 pioneers with topics like The Future of Bioengineering from Intrexon CEO, RJ Kirk; The Future of Location Data from Foursquare Co-Founder and Executive Chairmain, Dennis Crowley; and The Future of Robots from Columbia University Professor Hod Lipson.
Tickets are now on sale for Worlds Fair Nano New York 2017 with First Release tickets available until August 20th 2017 before prices increase.
Worlds Fair Nano is a 2-day 10,000+ person future festival that takes place in New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.
Quite possibly the largest drone activation ever seen at a festival, Parrot and Worlds Fair Nano will be offering 45 simultaneous drone flights to accommodate the expected crowd of over 10,000 during the 2-day festival.
In addition to drones, fairgoers of Worlds Fair Nano can expect to find a flying car prototype from Pal-V, virtual reality demos, GoCubes chewable coffee from Nootrobox, the world's most socially advanced artificially intelligent robot named BINA48, and many more exciting futures to experience.
Worlds Fair Corporate Center is an 880,000 square-foot park owned and operated by First Industrial.
The new, recently completed spec buildings at 155 Pierce and 20 Worlds Fair Drive are experiencing strong leasing activity, with 45,000 square feet of space remaining, divisible to 5,000 square feet.