Wrangell Mountains

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Wrangell Mountains,

S Alaska, extending c.100 mi (160 km) SE from the Copper River to the Canadian border, where they meet the St. Elias Mts. Mt. Blackburn (16,523 ft/5,036 m) is the highest peak. There is a cosmic radiation observatory on Mt. Wrangell (14,006 ft/4,269 m). Minerals such as gold, copper, and zinc are mined in the area. Named for the Russian explorer Baron Ferdinand von Wrangel, the mountains comprise a portion of the Wrangell–St. Elias National Park and PreserveWrangell–Saint Elias National Park and Preserve,
at the convergence of the Chugach, Wrangell, and St. Elias mts., SW Alaska. The park (8,323,618 acres/3,369,856 hectares) contains Mt.
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Wrangell Mountains


a mountain massif in southeast Alaska. A number of its peaks are active volcanoes, the highest of which is Mount Sanford (4,939 m). The central part is covered with neve fields, from which glaciers flow. Mountain tundra predominates. The mountains were named for F. P. Wrangel.

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Bay, who runs Wrangell Mountain Air, with his wife, Natalie, seems to read my mind.
Wrangell Mountain Air (554-4411 or 800/ 478-1160) has daily air shuttles from Chitina for $140 round trip.
The 70-minute Wrangell Mountain Air (see "McCarthy by air," above) tour we took cost $105.
He'd been dropped off in the field by a helicopter and was alone in the Wrangell Mountains, taking stream samples for Cities Service Minerals Corp.
The tree-ring dates for Kaskawulsh Glacier are more readily compared to well-dated Little Ice Age glacier chronologies in the coastal ranges and Wrangell Mountains in Alaska.
Our chronology is consistent with well-dated Little Ice Age glacial records from nearby coastal Alaska and the Wrangell Mountains (Calkin et al.
The Wrangell Mountains are also a good area for quality rams.
The terrain of Southcentral contains a number of majestic mountains, including the Chugach, Talkeetna, Kenai and Wrangell mountains, as well as the Alaska Range.
In 1983, this Wrangell Mountains community was a virtual ghost town.
It's a National Historic Landmark, with some of the best, most easily accessible trails in the whole state nearby; a place where you can come and experience the Wrangell Mountains, all within walking distance of the road.
The Wrangell Mountains Center in McCarthy is offering two creative writing workshops this year, one in July and another in August.
Glennallen, named for two early explorers, is considered the gateway to the Wrangell Mountains.