Wray, John

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Wray, John:

see Ray, JohnRay or Wray, John,
1627–1705, English naturalist. He was extremely influential in laying the foundations of systematic biology.
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Robert Wray, John Laird, Andrew Nuxoll, Devvan Stokes and Alex Kerfoot's article, "Synthetic Adversaries for Urban Combat Training," describes the requirements for simulating adversaries for urban combat training.
Jeremy Wray, John Whitefield, Lewis Levay and Simon Rothwell shared out Bangor City's goals in their 4-1 win over Denbigh, Dylan Roberts replying.
Today, in the spirit of free speech, we give Jimmy Wray, John Maxton, John McFall, Rosemary McKenna, Sandra Osborne and John Home Robertson the right to reply