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writing system

(human language, character)
The set of glyphs used for representing a given human language in written form, generally along with their conventions for use.

Writing System


the aggregate of the means of written communication, which include the graphic system, alphabet, and orthography of a single language or of a group of languages having a single form of writing or a single alphabet. In this sense, one can speak of Russian, English, Arabic, and other writing systems. Each writing system possesses its own system of graphemes used in various graphic combinations and in ortho-grams. These elements can be utilized for stylistic purposes or to emphasize parts of an utterance. A writing system must be distinguished from a written language, which is not simply speech recorded in writing but usually has specific lexical, semantic, and grammatical features distinguishing it from the spoken language.

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Two Filipino researchers presented their works on indigenous writing system in Mindoro and Pampanga at the 13th International Conference on Austronesian Language held here.
Essays include studies of Slavic microlanguages (Martin Henzelmann), writing systems in Bulgaria (Katya Melamed), literacy studies (Leslie Limage), and libraries/museums and research centers.
Vachek's (1973) Written Language: General Problems and Problems of English, is one of the first publications to deal with writing systems from a very theoretical viewpoint.
These two writing systems were taken from the Semitic Writing Systems and they were completely imitable for Arabs.
Xu Shen postulates three basic writing systems: guwen the oldest and original writing system crafted by Cangjie (the source of all original written words and their original meanings); zhouwen (a.
Dr Jacob Dahl, a co-leader of the Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative and a member of Oxford University's Faculty of Oriental Studies, said: 'I have spent the last ten years trying to decipher the proto-Elamite writing system and, with this new technology, I think we are finally on the point of making a breakthrough.
Egyptian hieroglyphics made up a formal writing system used by the Ancient Egyptians that contained a combination of pictographs (e.
He says that while the new find incorporates patterned symbols from Olmec art, it apparently lacks calendar notations and action representations, key elements of later writing systems in southern Mexico and Central America.
The word "Malay" could also mean the ancient Malay writing system, which to my untrained eye looked somewhat similar to the Indian based writing systems of Indochina, but with a strong influence from Arabic.
The book is well researched and colorfully illustrated, and it includes both histories and images of vadous writing systems created by Africans across the continent.
It introduced a pulse laser digital holographic writing system and was also bought by ITW in 2001.
Complexities in writing systems abound, of course, but we have found that with a phonemically based system (approximately, one sound per symbol and one symbol per sound), it is often possible to teach people to read in months or even weeks, rather than years as in English (for which we still have spell-checkers, spelling bees, and other manifestations of the hodgepodge that is English spelling