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1. a teacher, usually instructing individual pupils and often engaged privately
2. (at universities, colleges, etc.) a member of staff responsible for the teaching and supervision of a certain number of students
3. Scots law the guardian of a pupil


A Scripting language on PLATO systems from CDC.

["The TUTOR Language", Bruce Sherwood, Control Data, 1977].
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Both professionals and tutor researchers reported that undergraduate peer writing tutor research helps tutors become better at what they do; however, as with transfer, I would expect that the numbers would be much higher.
Creative writing tutor Rachel Laurence (left) with (from left) student Pauline Walsh, of |Skelmanthorpe; stations manager Will Munton, student Jason Ginnelly, of Dewsbury; MP Paula Sherriff and student Lindsey Hanson, of Batley, launching the poetry exhibition at Dewsbury station UGC
A writing tutor has the opportunity to be one of the very few allowed to see the student's paper while it is in progress, and we all know how wasted that privilege would be if all the tutor does is fill the time offering corrections in the same manner some instructors often do when marking a paper for a grade.
Terry (Bates from Downton) and Jan (Scott from S & Bailey) are back, but Jan's loyalty, morals and knicker elastic are tested by her writing tutor (Vincent Regan, Game Of Thrones), who takes an interest in more than her similes.
The 'Patched Fools' Ballads' poetry performance group joined members of the Centre for Lifelong Learning and creative writing tutor Kathleen Kenny for the live performances.
Born in Nottingham and now living in London, Casterton is a creative writing tutor and her first full collection, The Doves Of Finesterre, was published in 2004.
Paula Hadlum, a part-time fiction writing tutor at the University of Coventry's centre for lifelong learning, took first prize in the Writers' Forum Write A Novel competition after reworking a manuscript she began two years earlier.
comes Cognitive Tutor for Writers, a computer-based writing tutor based on cognitive science research at Carnegie Mellon University.
Crawford began working for Improve Your English as a part-time writing tutor and SAT specialist in 2008.
For example, Fitzgerald and lanetta include Natalie DeCheck's article "The Power of Common Interest for Motivating Writing: A Case Study," written while DeCheck was an undergraduate writing tutor and originally published in Young Scholars in Writing.
When the student-athlete writer returned, they would sit down with a writing tutor, often not the same one who marked the paper, and the tutor would explain the markings.
Bedtime stories can be nice soothing tales to get you to sleep, or grisly ghost stories read under the covers," said creative writing tutor Victoria Watson.