Wyoming Valley

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Wyoming Valley,

c.20 mi (30 km) long and 3 to 4 mi (4.8–6.4 km) wide, in Luzerne co., NE Pa., through which flows the Susquehanna River. Wilkes-BarreWilkes-Barre
, city (1990 pop. 47,523), seat of Luzerne co., E Pa., on the east bank of the Susquehanna River; settled 1769, inc. as a city 1871. Once a major anthracite coal center, Wilkes-Barre has plants that produce processed food; machinery; metal, vinyl, wire, and plastic
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 is the major city of this once-rich anthracite coal region. The valley was the scene of a long contest between Connecticut and Pennsylvania over conflicting land claims based on 17th-century charters. After the Susquehanna CompanySusquehanna Company,
land company formed (1753) in Connecticut for the purpose of developing the Wyoming Valley in Pennsylvania. A tract of land was purchased from the Native Americans in 1754, and preparations were made for development.
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 purchased (1754) land there at the Albany Congress, a temporary settlement of the region in 1762–63 led to the first permanent settlement in 1769 and the building soon after of Forty Fort. The First Pennamite War (1769–71) between the Connecticut and Pennsylvania settlers ensued, but rapid settlement of the area continued. In 1774, Connecticut set up the town of Westmoreland, from which representatives were sent to the Connecticut legislature. During the American Revolution, the valley settlers were attacked (1778) by Loyalist commander John Butler and a party of Tories and Iroquois allies; nearly 400 men, women, and children were killed. The massacre is described in Thomas CampbellCampbell, Thomas,
1777–1844, Scottish poet. He is best known for his war poems "Hohenlinden," "The Battle of the Baltic," and "Ye Mariners of England." Among his other volumes of poetry are The Pleasure of Hope (1799), Gertrude of Wyoming (1809); and
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's poem, Gertrude of Wyoming (1809). In 1782 a Continental Congress court of arbitration decided to grant the land in favor of Pennsylvania, but the Connecticut settlers refused to leave, and the Second Pennamite War (1784) ensued. Finally, through the Compromise Act of 1799, the Pennsylvania legislature secured a means of settlement with the Connecticut claimants.
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The Negative Rating Outlook on classes D through F reflects potential downgrade concerns given the high concentration of FLOCs, including two regional mall properties, The Crossroads and Wyoming Valley Mall, both located in secondary markets, and two underperforming hotels, Crowne Plaza Anchorage and Hilton Garden Inn Pittsburgh-Cranberry.
Notable projects include the Atlantic Sports Health Institute, Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center, and Saint Barnabas Medical Center.
The plant the Wyoming Valley Sanitary Authority is considering would treat and dilute the used fracking water, then sell it back to the gas companies to re-use.
MD, MMM, CPE, FACPE, is vice president and chief medical office: at Wyoming Valley Healthcare System in Wilkes Barre, Pa.
Moyer (history, SUNY Brockport) describes the conflict between settlers in Northeast Pennsylvania's Wyoming Valley, called the Wyoming controversy, which lasted from the mid-eighteenth century to the beginning of the nineteenth.
West Side Area Vocational-Technical School wants to implement a new application form for students entering the school, but Wyoming Valley West School Board denounced the new application because they fear the school may refuse to admit some students.
Before the coal was discovered, there was a place known only as the Wyoming Valley, first inhabited by the Shawanese and Delaware Indian tribes in the early 1700s.
played host to more than 1,000 victims of hurricane-spawned Susquehanna River flooding in the Wyoming Valley near Wilkes-Barre.
With a thick blanket of grey smoke hugging the ground and the pounding of mortar fire echoing in the distance, a small team of Air Force Reserve aerial porters from the 92nd Aerial Port Squadron, Wyoming Valley, Pa.
While coalitions helped build a union-friendly environment in the Wyoming Valley District, the ILGWU's success ultimately rested upon determination in the face of the violence.
Linda O'Boyle Zaneski, NHA, MHA, BSN, RN-C, is administrator of the Wyoming Valley Health Care System's Transitional Care Unit, Wilkes-Barre General Hospital, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

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