X Window System

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X Window System

(operating system, graphics)
A specification for device-independent windowing operations on bitmap display devices, developed initially by MIT's Project Athena and now a de facto standard supported by the X Consortium. X was named after an earlier window system called "W". It is a window system called "X", not a system called "X Windows".

X uses a client-server protocol, the X protocol. The server is the computer or X terminal with the screen, keyboard, mouse and server program and the clients are application programs. Clients may run on the same computer as the server or on a different computer, communicating over Ethernet via TCP/IP protocols. This is confusing because X clients often run on what people usually think of as their server (e.g. a file server) but in X, it is the screen and keyboard etc. which is being "served out" to the applications.

X is used on many Unix systems. It has also been described as over-sized, over-featured, over-engineered and incredibly over-complicated. X11R6 (version 11, release 6) was released in May 1994.


See also Andrew project, PEX, VNC, XFree86.

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In their efforts to build PC X servers that are up to speed with X terminals, vendors have overlooked the fact that end users familiar with Windows generally do not have a high level of expertise in UNIX and networking," said Chris Rogers, market manager for Reflection X.
a leading supplier of X servers for Intel-based UNIX systems, announced today the availability of Accelerated X for Windows NT.
The product for NT is contained on only four disks and has an installed executable size of under 6MB; yet its performance is up to 20% faster than competitive X servers.
Accelerated X's performance is up to 20% faster than Windows '95-based X servers today, and supports Windows '95 on Intel, Alpha, and MIPS.
a leading supplier of Intel-based UNIX X servers, announced the availability of Accelerated X for Windows '95, a streamlined PC X server that delivers maximum performance in a small package.
Accelerated X for Windows '95 is contained on only four disks and has an installed executable size of under 6MB; yet its performance is up to 20% faster than competitive PC X servers.
With the rapid adoption of Windows '95 by corporate and system OEMs, a high performance, reliable X server with local client support becomes a critical part of corporate strategy.
today announced customer endorsements for the latest release of WRQ Reflection X(R), a high-powered PC X server.
As a high-powered PC X server, WRQ Reflection X connects Windows users to graphical and character-based applications on UNIX, Linux, OpenVMS and Unisys systems.
WRQ Reflection host-access software provides a range of solutions for all your terminal emulation and PC X server needs.
In fact, Xi Graphics has consistently offered X server support for the latest PC laptop hardware far in advance of other companies or institutions.
This product was developed in response to the tremendous user demand for a working - and supported - X server that would enable PC laptop users to run popular UNIX(TM) operating systems on their machines," comments Andrew Bergin, National Sales Manager for Xi Graphics.