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Contract award notice: servicing of application servers with the x86 architecture together with accessories in the head office and branches provincial nfz.
For this exercise, I worked on a Lenovo Android device with the Intel x86 processor- porting the ARM-based binary to Intel x86 architecture was very straightforward.
4 for Windows, targeting Intel (Nasdaq:INTC) x86 architecture embedded and real-time systems running the Wind River VxWorks real-time operating system (RTOS), the provider of solutions for safety and mission-critical applications said on Monday.
The industry standard x86 architecture, low power consumption and excellent performance makes the AMD Geode LX processor ideal for a wide variety of consumer electronics and computing markets, including multimedia devices, single-board computers, access devices and other general embedded applications.
In addition, PathScale EKOPath compilers now support the Intel Xeon EM64T 64-bit X86 architecture.
AMD64 evolves the industry-standard 32-bit x86 architecture to support the demanding 64-bit environment that will enable future generations of computer functionality and productivity.
The AMD Geode GX SOM-144 RDK is based on the x86 architecture and is optimized to provide optimal power/performance for small form factors.
The widely implemented SMBIOS standard addresses how motherboard and system vendors present management information about their products in a standard format by extending the BIOS interface on x86 architecture systems.
The AMD Opteron processor, the world's first 32-bit and 64-bit processor compatible with the x86 architecture, plays a critical role in the creation and development of new and enhanced Sauber design innovations and evolutions.
The application flexibility provided by the Geode processor's integrated x86 architecture and compact size helps facilitate the extremely small form factor in Wyse's S class devices.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Transitive(R) Corporation, the leading provider of software that enables transportability of applications across multiple processor and operating system (OS) pairs, today announced it signed a deal with IBM to apply their technology to allow many Linux applications written for the x86 architecture to run on selected IBM servers.
The world's first 32-bit and 64-bit processor compatible with x86 architecture, the AMD Opteron processor is based on AMD64 technology.