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A family of tapeless digital camcorders from Sony. Introduced in 2003, video is recorded on 120mm rewritable, optical "Professional Discs" (PFDs) or solid state SxS (S by S) cards using the ExpressCard/34 format. XDCAM camcorders tend to be high-end professional cameras.

XDCAM camcorders support a variety of modes, including standard and high definition (SD and HD) and selectable bit rates from 18 to 50 Mbps. It can use DVCAM, MPEG IMX, MPEG HD and MPEG HD422 video compression at various resolutions, frame rates and bit rates. Audio compression is PCM.

XDCAM also records a "Proxy AV" preview mode for quick editing with 240 or 288 lines of resolution, using MPEG-4 video and A-Law audio.

XDCAM supports standard-definition (SD) DVCAM encoding and MPEG IMX (MPEG-2). XDCAM HD records 1280x720p, 1440x1080i, 1440x1080p, 1920x1080i and 1920x1080p HD resolutions.

HD422 camcorders support HD formats at the highest bit rate of 50 Mbps.

XDCAM EX camcorders record high definition on SxS cards and also on Memory Stick and SD Cards with the use of adapters. Bit rates are limited to 25 and 35 Mbps. See HDCAM, DVCAM, Digital Betacam and HD formats.
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Content is first ingested into the Harmonic Omneon Spectrum servers, which encodes incoming video into standard XDCAM HD422 50-Mbps format and wraps it in a low-latency MXF OP1a wrapper to facilitate the low-latency transfer of a growing clip from Spectrum to the Omneon MediaGrid system.
The improvement is achieved using new 600GB drives, allowing customers to store up to 14,000 hours of MPEG-2 12Mbps or 3,600 hours of Sony XDCAM HD422 content in a single SAN.
Customers now can store up to 1,400 hours of MPEG-2 12Mbps or 350 hours of XDCAM HD422 content at the same price of the previous solution.
Sony's XDCAM HD422 Series Professional Disc System Uses PowerQUICC Processors to Deliver Video Processing and Transmission
Sony's XDCAM HD422 product line is the flagship model of the company's XDCAM Series professional disc system and consists of the PDW-700 progressive CCD camcorder and PDW-HD1500 recorder deck.
The low power, high performance PowerQUICC processors that drive our XDCAM HD422 Series products will play a critical role in our ability to deliver affordable, highly advanced HD equipment that succeeds in the marketplace," said Tetsuya Iwamoto, deputy general manager, CC Products Design Department Two, Business & Professional System Division, B2B Solutions Business Group at Sony Corporation.
The latest addition to Sony's widely-used XDCAM HD422 line-up, the PMW-400 incorporates a 2/3-inch Exmor Full HD 3CMOS sensor for capturing beautiful images with high sensitivity and low noise.