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XNF is a digital currency with a physical collateral in gold and provides the easiest way to acquire virtual currencies in exchange for traditional currencies (USD and EUR) and bitcoins.
We propose an approach to obtain XNF starting from ER schema.
A method for transforming an XML schema into XNF is proposed in Section 7.
In this paper we will define XNF in the spirit of BCNF defined for relational schemas.
4] is not the best XNF for the considered running example.
definition of "complex objects" is addressed by Starburst's XNF, described next.
In XNF, an object is defined by an XNF view, which extends relational views from a single resulting table to multiple tables, organized as a structured, heterogeneous collection of interrelated rows.
An XNF query is identified by the keywords OUT OF and consists of : 1) definitions of components tables (called 'nodes'), identified by the keyword SELECT; and 2) definitions of directed relationships (called 'edges') between component nodes (identified by the keywords RELATE <nodes> WHERE <predicates>.