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Xerox Network System or Xerox Network Services.


(1) See XDI.

(2) (Xerox Network Services) An early networking protocol suite developed at Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center (PARC). XNS has been the basis for many popular network architectures including Novell's NetWare, Banyan's VINES and 3Com's 3+.

 XNS        NetXNS Layer     Protocols    Ware  OSI

 4 Application                    7

 3 Control                        5/6

 2 Transport     SPP, PEP   SPX   4

 1 Internet      IDP        IPX   3

 0 Transmission  Ethernet         1/2
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Plan employs a baseband token-passing architecture using ARCnet protocols for the physical and data-link layers, combined with the Xerox XNS protocols for the network and transport layers.
We use parts of the Lafite mail system and the XNS network protocols already provided in that environment.
The XNS protocol will provide users with three levels of communications capabilities over the Ethernet network: virtual circuit, and acknowledged and unacknowledged datagrams.
Transport protocols, such as TCP and XNS, differ across networks; how is it decided which protocol client and server processes will speak?