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Our objective is to provide a fun, healthy activity for people of all ages within XSI Factory," says Aaron Cobabe, managing partner of Hang Time Sports.
XSI Factory is a 70,000-square-foot sports training facility that features five basketball courts, fitness classes, sports camps and leagues, a full workout gym, U.
The seats on the XSI are halfleather trim and are extremely comfortable, while the spacious cabin affords even my lanky 6ft 2in frame plenty of leg space.
The XSI model I had was equipped with the two-litre, HDi, 16-valve unit.
Jordi Bares, animation director at Mill TV in the UK comments: "The performance and speed of XSI version 3.
Dramatic improvements in quality and speed, combined with the overall quality and integration of the rendering toolset, maintain the XSI software rendering as the market leader for the intuitive, interactive creation of images of unsurpassed realism.
facility is a proponent of sports safety, but when the occasional sports-related accident occurs, XSI Sports Insurance supplements its members' major-medical policies to help get them healthy and active as quickly as possible.
While mental ray([R]) software from mental images([R]) remains the deeply integrated core renderer in XSI software, the open API allows rendering technology partners to develop and integrate their respective render engines with a similar level of integration and control into SOFTIMAGE|XSI software.
We chose to switch our 3D character animation software because we are growing our product offerings at My Virtual Model, and Softimage XSI software scales to meet our needs.
We're a long time customer of Softimage, and we've built our 3D pipeline on XSI software to help us create the customized looks and lavish environments in 300.
Avid, Digidesign, Film Composer, Pro Tools, Media Composer, SOFTIMAGE, FACE ROBOT and XSI are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Avid Technology, Inc.
XSI software is an industry-leading 3D modeling and character creation package.