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in astronomy: see ErisEris,
in astronomy, the largest known dwarf planet. Eris, whose highly eccentric elliptical orbit ranges from 38 AU to 97 AU and is inclined more than 44°, is the largest known object of the Kuiper belt (see comet), with a diameter (1,445 mi/2,317 km) slightly larger than
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He and his partner visited PAWS' shelter in Center City and happily found Xena, a tuxedo cat that was missing her front, left paw.
Along with the many battles against mythical gods and the absurd outfits, fans can expect to see a long-held suspicion finally come to fruition: Xena will be openly romantically interested in women, the show's screenwriter wrote recently in a Tumblr Q&A.
Movie buffs are comparing the costume of the female superhero to that of Xena.
He has offered an unspecified reward for anyone who finds them One of the dogs, 14-month-old Xena, won the Best Puppy in Breed award at last month's Crufts.
Valenchino Chihuahua Xena, who was named Best Puppy in Breed at Crufts 2014, was snatched with four other dogs from a house in East Yorkshire on Thursday.
Wellington, August 4 ( ANI ): Lucy Lawless, who is known for her role as the the internationally successful TV series 'Xena: Warrior Princess', has revealed that Xena may yet rise from the grave.
Xena, a 3st 9lb dog fromr Llanrumney, e Cardiffr ,f is on the road to shedding the pounds thanks to the Pet Fit F Club-a national pet slimming competition run by leading veterinaryr charity the PDSA.
As five-and-a-half stone Staffordshire bull terrier Xena waddled down the high street, a stranger asked her owner: "Is she pregnant?
bar] IRSTBORN has almost an entire photograph album dedicated to his cat Xena.
Conny Schoon's eight-yearold daughter Xena, who has cerebral palsy, has attended several of the workshops.
Xena Begum was hand-picked to lead the clinical trial with doctors at Birmingham Children's Hospital.