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(chäng`cho͝on`), city (1994 est. pop. 1,810,400), capital of Jilin prov., China, on the railroad between Harbin and Dalian. An industrial city, it is one of the country's major center of transportation equipment production, including motor vehicle parts. Railroad cars, buses, tires, pharmaceuticals, and textiles are also manufactured. An aluminum plant is west of the city. Changchun is also a center for motion picture production. As Hsinking or Xinjing [Chin.,=new capital], it was the capital of the former state of ManchukuoManchukuo
, former country, comprising the three provinces of NE China, traditionally called Manchuria. The Japanese invaded Manchuria in 1931 and founded Manchukuo in 1932. Changchun, the capital, was renamed Xinjing [Chinese,=new capital].
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 (1932–45). During this period the city was rebuilt along modern lines. Many of the large administrative buildings have been converted into universities; these include Jilin Univ., a polytechnical university, a medical college, and several technical institutes.



a city in Northeast China, on the It’ung Ho. Capital of Kirin Province. Population, more than 1.5 million (1970).

Ch’angch’un is an important railroad junction and has an airport. The city’s machine-building industry, one of the largest in China, was developed between 1953 and 1957 with the help of the USSR. Ch’angch’un produces motor vehicles, rolling stock, tractors, agricultural machinery, machine tools, electric machines and equipment for the textile industry, checking and measuring devices, semiconductor devices, and motion-picture equipment. The city has a metallurgical plant. The chemical industry is represented by a pharmaceuticals plant and by plants producing mineral fertilizers, rubber, industrial rubber goods, synthetic fiber, and plastics. There are also plants of the wood-products, paper, ceramic, textile, leather, food-processing, and tobacco industries. Cottage industries produce such articles as rugs. Ch’angch’un has a branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a university.

Ch’angch’un arose in the early 19th century and after the construction of the Chinese Eastern Railway between 1897 and 1903 developed into a large commercial and transportation center. In 1931 the city was occupied by Japanese imperialists, who declared it the capital of the puppet state of Manchukuo and renamed it Hsinching, or New Capital. It was liberated by the Soviet Army in August 1945 but after the withdrawal of Soviet troops was seized by the Kuomintang in 1946. In October 1948 the Kuomintang was driven out of Ch’angch’un by the People’s Liberation Army of China.


, Ch'ang Ch'un
a city in NE China, capital of Jilin province: as Hsinking, capital of the Japanese state of Manchukuo (1932--45). Pop.: 3 092 000 (2005 est.)
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Less than six months after Kishi's departure, a young Korean cadet, Park Chung-hee, matriculated at the Manchukuo Military Academy in Xinjing.
The Muslim Turkic ethnic population of Xinjing, known as Uyghur share very close cultural and religious ties with the Central Asian people.
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parthenogenetica were collected directly from different areas in China, followed by their code abbreviations (used hereafter), is as follows: Balikun, Xinjing Autonomous Region (BLK); Gahai, Qinghai Province (GH); Wudi, Shandong Province (WD); Yingkou, Liaoning Province (YK); Tanggu, Tianjin (TG); Luannan, Hebei Province (LN); Pikou, Liaoning Province (PK); Huanghua, Hebei Province (HH); Fengcheng, Shandong Province (FC); Wuzhi, Shandong Province (WZ) (Table 1).
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At the head of the government is the State Council, which has executive powers and direct jurisdiction over the provincial-level governments in 30 provinces, municipalities (Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin), and autonomous regions (Guangxi, Xinjing, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia and Tibet).
The Muslim Turkic ethnic population of Xinjing, known as Uighurs share very close cultural and religios ties with the Central Asian people.