Hsüan T'ung

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Hsüan T'ung:

see Pu YiPu Yi
or Henry Pu-yi,
Manchu Aisin Gioro, 1906–67, last emperor (1908–12) of China, under the reign name Hsuan T'ung. After his abdication, the new republican government granted him a large government pension and permitted him to live in the
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827-840) and Xuanzong ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], r.
1) Xuanzong, 685-762, emperador de la dinastia Tang.
One of the Yang Guifei movies is due to be directed by "Training Day" helmer Antoine Fuqua, and is backed by money from Xi'an, the city Xuanzong abandoned as the dynasty collapsed.
This portrayal of Emperor Xuanzong is further unflattering in light of the fact that voyeurs in literature and art are usually denizens of the lower classes.
Notorious beauty and concubine of the great Tang emperor Xuanzong (reigned 712-756).
the Wudai shi] say that Bian was a descendant of Li Lin, prince of Yong, the sixth son of Tang emperor Xuanzong.
The song's doctrine is implicit as well in a Chinese song of the 1950s that came from a movie, the title of which, The Song of Everlasting Regret (Chang Hen Ge [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) was identical with that of the famous Tang dynasty narrative poem concerning the love of Tang Xuanzong and Yang Guifei.
4) This iconographic tradition was first established in the Tang dynasty under Emperor Xuanzong, when official court painters such as Zhang Xuan and Zhou Fang specialised in depictions of the beautiful concubines in their private quarters.
These animals usually performed in royal shows; for example, Emperor Xuanzong [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (r.
Monumental folding screen (one of a pair), depicting the Emperor Xuanzong and his beloved Yang Gufei, Hasegawa school, late 16th century.
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