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Pronounced "zy-write." A venerable text editor and word processing program used extensively in the newspaper and magazine industry throughout the 1980s as well as by professional writers around the world. Developed by XyQuest, Inc., Billerica, MA, XyWrite was the most user-customizable word processor ever developed, offering a remappable keyboard, customizable menus and a complete, although cryptic, programming language that could be used to perform any function on the text. XyWrite was the first DOS program to provide complete typographic control over the page layout.

Like HTML and XML
XyWrite generates ASCII text and uses embedded tags for formatting and labeling similar to HTML and XML. The tags are normally hidden, except for a triangle symbol, but can be easily revealed when required (see example below). This single feature made XyWrite indispensable for editors who needed to see where typesetting commands were embedded without coded tags getting in the way of their writing.

From DOS to Windows
XyWrite III Plus was the last DOS version from the original line, and a Windows version was later created (see XyWrite for Windows). XyWrite 4 for DOS evolved from Signature, a graphics-based version intended to succeed IBM's DisplayWrite, but that alliance never came to fruition. In the early 1990s, XyWrite products were acquired by The Technology Group, Baltimore, MD, which closed its doors in 2001. See Nota Bene.

XyWrite Format Codes
This encyclopedia is written and maintained in a custom-programmed version of DOS-based XyWrite III Plus. At the end of the month, conversion programs written in C turn the XyWrite files into HTML and XML as well as the custom format used by the CDE Windows app. This example shows how XyWrite's unique tagging system displays unobtrusive triangles until revealed (bottom).
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Tagging XyWrite copy for XPress, TransTags was developed {continued on page 73} {continued from page 72} by Dave Luther.
Compared to products like Word or Ami Pro, XyWrite is not a pretty face.
When the author, who has access to editor commands but not the the markup language, specifies that text should be centered, XyWrite records the appropriate procedural markup around the text in the file and centers the line in the editing display.
But Hollis said most users like Reporter and only a few ever go back to XyWrite.
XyWrite (20%) remains the mostused word processor, but WordPerfect and Word are becoming more common as newsrooms move to PC-based systems.
News Tribune reporters use XyWrite to write their articles on a PC-based system that predates the QPS installation.
Customers can select their preferred word processor (Microsoft Word and XyWrite for Windows were working in early spring and about six were expected in all).
s Signature, its latest version of the popular XyWrite, but said users can select other third-party products.
New York Newsday hooked together Xyquest's popular XyWrite wordprocessing software and send/fetch communications to allow a staffer severely affected by RSI to resume writing (E&P, Nov.
A word-processing program, such as XyWrite or Wordperfect, works with text; a spreadsheet, such as Excel or Lotus 1-2-3 takes care of the numbers and complex calculations, and a database program, such as dBase or Paradox, will sort, index and analyze records.
The system does not take a display ad, but Golland says that its XyWrite word processor is expected to be updated this summer to permit storing of simple display images.
Print journalism students compose on AST personal computers running Xywrite word processing software.