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see Young Women's Christian AssociationYoung Women's Christian Association
(YWCA), organization whose stated mission is "to empower women and girls and to eliminate racism." The movement is nondenominational.
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A panel of community leaders, past Erskine Award recipients, and YWCA volunteers selected an award recipient in each of the five categories.
YWCA Bellingham served 107 single homeless women in 2012 with housing and case management.
Lau was in place to take the YWCA through an overall assessment of the organization by Chicago, Ill.
Thanks to Verizon funding, the YWCA will also continue its Chalk it Up to Awareness program when community groups, businesses and schools chalk messages on heavily trafficked sidewalks around the community.
It was, Robertson argues persuasively, attempts by the Young Men's Christian Association in the 1920s to expand its work to include women and girls that motivated the YWCA to defend itself as a Christian women's organization.
That is why representatives of the YWCA are calling for the accelerated purchase of 180 million female condoms per year and accompanying education and community distribution.
She reminded her middle-class audience that the YWCA offered a safe, home-like refuge for "thousands of girls who work on the miserable pittances, who have to live in dark, dingy boarding houses in a cheerless seven-by-nine room, many of them almost friendless and alone, and at last there is always the jewel of their womanhood to be cast down.
The YWCA will relocate its headquarters from 610 Lexington Avenue, where the organization has been since 1915.
But in Wales, its sister organisation, the YWCA is celebrating its 150th year.
The YWCA has announced a fundraising partnership with the Habia organisation.
Camping in Japan has a long and distinguished history--with the earliest YWCA camp in 1910 and YMCA and Boy Scout camps in the 1920s.
The goal of the Adopt-A-Family program, which is sponsored by the Glendale YWCA Domestic Violence Project, is to give those women and children who are currently in the shelter as normal a holiday as they can while they are away from their friends and family.