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see Young Men's and Young Women's Hebrew AssociationsYoung Men's and Young Women's Hebrew Associations
(YMHA, YWHA), organizations that promote health, social activities, recreation, acculturation of new Jewish Americans, and Jewish culture among Jews of all ages. The first YMHA was founded in Baltimore in 1854.
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Although without their own building for club rooms and athletic spaces, the Hartford YWHA achieved its mission of serving Jewish females in its athletic, educational, and religious departments.
The New York YWHA bulletin for girls' physical education classes stated, "Basketball-Enjoy a weekly work-out playing the greatest of all indoor games.
60) The YWHA of Yonkers, too, participated in Inter-Y basketball.
When the YM and YWHA Swimming Pool in Philadelphia reopened in May 1923, The Y.
67) The chair of the New Haven YWHA athletic committee, Dora Berman, said in 1924 that the athletic activity of tennis proved especially enjoyable to members.
The Pittsburgh YM and YWHA offered regular tennis practice in preparing women for tennis season.
The house journal of the Philadelphia YM and YWHA reported under "Results of Girls Thrilling Track Meet" that "fine competitive spirit was shown throughout the entire meet"; The Review anticipated from the girls in the track contest "more good news about their accomplishment in the near future.
This particular YWHA successfully served the various interests of Jewish women in its wide range of programs, but other YWHAs or merged YM-YWHAs did not replicate such accomplishments in furnishing women's sporting opportunities at their associations.
78) Combining interests in Jewish life and sporting life, the New England Jewish Advocate in November 1921 printed an announcement for the next regular meeting of members of the Hartford YWHA.
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