Yacht Club

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Yacht Club


a sports organization that promotes sailing and, less often, rowing and other aquatic sports. The facilities of a yacht club include a boathouse, workshops, berths and booms at which yachts can be moored and docked, and mechanisms for raising and lowering vessels; the club’s marina is usually situated on a bay or at the mouth of a river.

The first yacht club was founded in Cork, Ireland, in 1720. The first yacht club in Russia was founded on Lake Onega during the reign of Peter I; similar organizations were established in St. Petersburg and Moscow in the mid-19th century.

In the USSR, yacht clubs organize educational and training activities in sailing. In 1978 there were more than 120 yacht clubs, attached to such organizations as physical education groups and sports societies.

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But now it appears that the Manila Yacht Club is actually the first Philippine Coast Guard in the entire Philippines.
Visitors and residents can watch a variety of boats loop around the marina from Dubai Marina Yacht Clubs garden terraces and Aquara Restaurant & Lounge.
Sunderland competitors have a great track record in this competition, with three National Championship wins in the past five years and Sunderland Yacht Club has now hosted the Regional Championship four times.
MSC Cruises, an Italy-based cruise company, has announced an exclusive offer from its MSC Yacht Club.
5million for the Exuma Yacht Club in the hope of luring millionaires there to let their hair down - and spend their cash.
Mr Soane, a past commodore and president of Liverpool Yacht Club, who sits on the steering committee of the Boat Show, added: "The entire northwest sailing community is throwing its weight behind the Liverpool Boat Show and we are determined to make it a show like no other and to showcase to a whole new generation the pleasure and benefits to be had from sailing.
Cipriani will open their signature Italian restaurant, a wine and bellini Room, Yotto their first and only Japanese restaurant, a cigar lounge, Allure, a nightclub, a private member's yacht club and catering facilities.
Yas Marina & Yacht Club proudly welcomed one of the world's largest Gigayacht's -- Dilbar -- and her guests to the Marina today.
And yet the Yacht Club for the third millennium does not mimic the past in any way.
North Star Yacht Club is positioned to become a very desirable community in one of the most breathtaking and sought after locations in Florida.
Owen, who had a 47-foot sailboat named ``Marianna,'' met Taylor through the Cabrillo Yacht Club.
FORTH Yacht Club Association have created history by electing their first chairwoman.