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see New York, City University ofNew York, City University of
(CUNY), at New York City; created in 1961 by combining the city's 17 municipal colleges. It includes Bernard M. Baruch College (1919; specializes in business studies), Brooklyn College (1930), City College (1847; the oldest member college), the
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However, the legend of the 93 provides a slightly different issue since it is akin to other stories like the ones collected by Yaffa Eliach in her Hasidic Tales of the Holocaust.
Yaffa Eliach interprets Levi's suicide in the framework of his vexed relationship to time as well as to his Jewish heritage.
Luncheon addresses were delivered by Michael Berenbaum on current controversy related to recently published Holocaust literature and attacks on Holocaust education; Carol Rittner on the Holocaust and the Christian world; and Yaffa Eliach, designer of "The Tower of Life" at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC.
The book about Eishyshok and its fate was written by Yaffa Eliach, who was born in the shtetl and was there, a 4-year-old in hiding, when the massacres took place.
When I interviewed Yaffa Eliach for the newspaper story, she'd mentioned the attempts by Holocaust-deniers to discredit her, and I'd found some of their calumnies on the Internet.
Holocaust survivor Yaffa Eliach, professor of Jewish literature and history at Brooklyn College in New York, will be a guest speaker at the event, called the Japan Children's Forum on the Holocaust 1999.
In her Hasidic Tales of the Holocaust, Yaffa Eliach tells this typical tale-in-miniature: The Jews in the shtetl argued about whether or not to resist.
Four prominent authors -- Yaffa Eliach, Michael Skakun, Irene Gut Opdyke and Allegra Goodman -- will read and discuss their latest works at the Synagogue.
Yaffa Eliach, Professor of Judaic Studies at Brooklyn College, is a poet, essayist, historian and writer.
There Once Was a World, A 900-Year Chronicle of the Shtetl of Eishyshok, by Yaffa Eliach.