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dynasty of China: see ShangShang
or Yin,
dynasty of China, which ruled, according to traditional dates, from c.1766 B.C. to c.1122 B.C. or, according to some modern scholars, from c.1523 B.C. to c.1027 B.C.
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Yin; Yang

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

In Chinese philosophy Yin and Yang are the two great opposite principles on whose interplay everything in the universe depends. Yin is female and Yang is male. Yin is also regarded as negative and dark, while Yang is positive and light. Both are necessary to make up the whole. The traditional Yin/Yang symbol is a circle divided into two teardrop shapes, one black and one white. In the center of each is a small circle of the opposite color, showing that each encompasses the other's attributes, just as a man has a feminine side and a woman a masculine side.

The vital energy that animates, connects, and moves everything through the cycles of life is termed ch'i (pronounced chee), the Chinese word for energy. In the art of Feng-Shui, ch'i should be able to flow freely from room to room and within any room without obstruction. Within your own body, your personal ch'i should also flow freely. When it does, you feel good and energized, whereas when you are sick, there is some obstruction in the body's ch'i. By maintaining a balance of Yin and Yang, good ch'i is obtained. Ch'i is constantly changing as is life. Growth and movement produce change.

Yin is associated with the following: dark, small, ornate, horizontal, curved, rounded, soft, low, cool, cold, floral, earth, moon, and feminine. The opposite, Yang, is associated with light, large, plain, vertical, straight, angular, hard, high, warm, hot, geometric, sky, sun and masculine.

Most Witches are aware of ch'i and Yin and Yang, if only subconsciously. Many were originally drawn to the Old Religion by the fact that there is a balance of deities—a god and a goddess. This balance is found throughout life and is reflected in much of Witchcraft. In many traditions, there must be a balance of male and female members in a coven.



mountains in North China, north and northeast of the Huangho. The Yin Mountains consist of a series of ranges divided by valleys and arranged one behind the other (Langshan, Sheiten-Ula, Ulashan, and Tach’ing-shan). Overall length, approximately 650 km; maximum altitude, 2,400 m. The northern slopes of the ranges tend to rise gently; the southern slopes are steep. The mountains are composed primarily of ancient crystalline rock (granites and gneisses). The region is important for the mining of coal (at the city of Shihkuaikou) and iron ore (at the city of Payang Oupo). Near the tops of the southern slopes, there are mountainous steppes. There are pine and birch groves in the ravines. Groves of laurel poplar grow in the river valleys. The terrain of the lower parts of the northern slopes is semidesert.

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