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York Plays:

see miracle playmiracle play
or mystery play,
form of medieval drama that came from dramatization of the liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church. It developed from the 10th to the 16th cent., reaching its height in the 15th cent.
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The scarcity of information in relation to the staging and performance of the York Mystery Plays in medieval times has made it necessary for scholars to draw information and methodologies from different fields of study.
But the club's activities are still strongly based around the theatre and music events - everything from light opera, West End musicals and Shakespeare to York mystery plays and orchestral concerts.
At the end of the first three series, Christopher went off to play Jesus in the York Mystery Plays (still one of his favourite jobs).
com AUGUST 27: The York Mystery Plays, which have been staged in the city since the middle of the 14th Century, finish their current run in the scenic Museum Gardens, and tickets are still available online.
The concert will also feature members of the Warwickshire County Youth Waits who, under director Alison Kinder, took part in this summer's York Mystery Plays, performing alongside the York Waits.
He then studied at Rada, and secured his first professional part in the York Mystery Plays during the Festival of Britain in 1951.
Finally, Rogerson shifts the focus to modern records, in order to show how revivals of the York mystery plays since 1951, with associated poems, fiction and drama, have shaped popular perceptions of the genre.
Taylor uses his deep understanding of Boethius, Emmerson, Auerbach, and Muller to good purpose here, explaining the audience and the cultural context of the York mystery plays and their cycle, the role of typology and Boethian time in the structure, fifteenth-century mystical nominalism, and ritual compensations at the anagogical level.
A phone call from former Fairport Convention bass player Ashley Hutchings led to him joining the newly-formed Albion Band, and the connection with Bill Bryden quickly followed when he invited the band to collaborate in staging the York mystery plays.
THE York Mystery Plays are a cycle of biblical dramas that have been performed in that northern English city since the early Renaissance.
The cast members of the traditional York Mystery Plays were warming up in a freezing rehearsal room here when God, standing in front of Pontius Pilate and the Virgin Mary, began to giggle conspiratorially during the shoulder exercises.

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