York University

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York University,

at North York, Ont., Canada; nondenominational; coeducational; founded 1959 as an affiliate of the Univ. of Toronto, became independent 1965. It has faculties of administrative studies, environmental studies, arts, education, pure and applied science, fine arts, and graduate studies and a school of law. There are research institutes in Canadian studies, Jewish studies, earth and space science, international and strategic studies, and Asia Pacific studies.
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While the institution already offers a number of undergraduate programs and academic services in French, the partial designation will legally require York University, Glendon Campus to continue to do so going forward.
Before becoming a professor emeritus at New York University, she also started the school's first human sexuality graduate program, the first such program in the U.
Monahan, vice- president, academic York University will allow exchange of students as well as faculty members over next five years.
20: New York University Real Estate Institute is offering the 45-hour New York Real Estate Salesperson's course.
A graduate of Morgan State University with a bachelor's degree in business administration, he also attended New York University Graduate School of Business.
35 Homosexual: Oppression and Liberation by Dennis Altman, Outerbridge and Dienstfrey/New York University
The New York College of Dentistry was founded in 1865 and renamed as the New York University College of Dentistry when it became an essential part of New York University (NYU) in 1925.
Mount Sinai, New York University, and Columbia are part of the scientific and prevention resources available through the NIEHS Superfund Basic Research Program.
During the period covered by this show (which premiered at the Forum for Contemporary Art in Saint Louis but was organized by the Art Gallery of York University and constitutes the artist's first significant exposure in her hometown), Dryer's work became less overtly playful.
in Performance Studies from New York University (1983).
She started her career in the late '60s as a clinical psychology graduate student working full time as a financial aid counselor at New York University.
Spurred by fierce competition for students, colleges and universities from Florida State to New York University are plunging headlong into the rapidly evolving world of online education, a world that barely existed five years ago.

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