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South Korea: see YeosuYeosu
or Yosu
, city (1995 pop. 183,559), South Jeolla (Cholla) prov., S South Korea, on the Korea Strait. The municipality consists of a peninsula and more than 300 neighboring islands. It is a trading port and fishing base and the site of a large oil refinery.
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a city in South Korea, on the shore of the Korean Strait, in Cholla-Namdo Province. Population, 102, 000 (1966). Yosu is a center for the fishing industry. Other industry includes the processing of rice and the production of rubber items. There is also a shipyard. Rice, raw silk, and fish are exported.

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My name is Yosu and as a member of the PNV, I think it is fundamental to know that part of our millenary culture.
GS Caltex shuts RFCC for glitch SEOUL: South Korea's GS Caltex shut a 93,000 barrels per day (bpd) gasoline-making residual fluid catalytic cracker (RFCC) at Yosu due to a technical problem, a company source said.
TP: yosu cwat-lo ganga cwat-lo Indian Ocean water-ASS Gange water-ASS PR: x x x x (It's) the water from the Indian Ocean (in order to extinguish it)
Ademas, reconocio la labor de Juan Claverol, Sebastian, Yosu, Martin y Martha Insua y Luciana Novo, asi como el apoyo de Eduardo del Rivero y Luis Miguel Messianu, nuestros socios de DDB en Miami.
Tunisian international Nafti is understood to be keen to make a career in the Premiership although Santander's new coach Nando Yosu wants him to stay with the Spanish club.
The Yosu Fisheries Clinic opened yesterday on South Korea's southern coast, operated by a husband and wife team of marine biologists.
The Sun Venus, transporting about 4,000 tons of ethanol, was on its way from Yosu, South Korea, to Kobe.
has announced the license and successful startup of SCANfining, ExxonMobil's proprietary gasoline sulfur reduction process, at LG-Caltex's Yosu, Korea, refinery.
The present agreement, signed in 1999, allows Statoil to store crude oil at two state-owned storage depots in Yosu, a South Korean harbour town.
Vessel Hanjin Yosu, (382) the Ninth Circuit concluded that a container could not be a COGSA package if the shipper listed the number of packages as being the container's contents.
He told officers in the South Korean port city of Yosu that his 41-year-old wife often left their home for extra-marital affairs while he was at sea.
In a telephone message sent to the North Korean Red Cross chief, KNRC chairman Suh Young Hoon said the first shipment of 13,000 tons of fertilizer will leave the southern port of Yosu for the North's western port of Nampo on Wednesday.