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The largest video sharing site on the Web. YouTube lets anyone upload videos for private or public viewing. Founded in 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, it was acquired by Google in 2006 for USD $1.65 billion. Another Internet phenomenon with meteoric growth like Amazon, Yahoo!, Google and Facebook, within a couple years, YouTube was streaming 25 petabytes (quadrillion bytes) of content each month.

YouTube provides a venue for sharing videos among friends and family as well as a showcase for new and experienced videographers. It has instructional videos on every subject and is a destination for anyone who wants to make a statement. In addition, YouTube became a major venue for political speeches. In the 2008 presidential campaign, videos of Barack Obama and John McCain were viewed more than two billion times according to media firm TubeMogul.

YouTube Formats
By embedding the appropriate code in a blog or website, YouTube videos are streamed from millions of venues. YouTube accepts a variety of formats and converts them to 16:9 wide screen, letterboxing all 4:3 content that is submitted. Flash video used to be the primary video output, but HTML5 was later adopted as the default.

YouTube Red, Premium and Music
In 2015, YouTube Red launched as a paid, ad-free service that included music videos. In 2018, Red was renamed YouTube Premium, which also offered original content. Although YouTube Premium retained the music, the music service was also separated and offered independently (see YouTube Music).

YouTube TV
Starting in 2017, YouTube announced a paid streaming service for local TV networks and certain cable channels (see YouTube TV). See video sharing site and YouTube Gaming.
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Things are more interesting and easy to understand when someone explains it to you face-to-face," said a 26-year-old active YouTube user, only identified by her surname Kwak.
There is also an additional twist that will be particularly impactful, given that the popularity of a lot of videos on YouTube rests on them being discoverable.
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But the industry, led by the IFPI trade group, has long berated YouTube for the rates it pays.
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Youtube also announced that it has launched the Youtube Partner Programme to video creators in Pakistan, allowing them to make money from their original works.
According to YouTube, the app has been built keeping four concepts in mind:
As of July 2015, more than 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute (Statista, 2016).
Among YouTube Red's first four originals, bowing Feb.
Most founders can tell you what the inspiration for their invention was, but the founders of YouTube don't agree.