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Market characteristics All works are for young audiences, including - Youth literature,- Documentary,- Creole legends- Dictionaries,- Youth magazines,- Albums, etc.
Under the terms of the purchase agreement, VCP will acquire eight regional daily newspapers, including national daily newspaper Nepszabadsag and business newspaper Villagazdasag, as well as several women's and youth magazines.
He was known to seek inspiration from comics, children's TV and youth magazines.
The Swedish Institute in Alexandria and Alex Agenda magazine organised the forum to promote efficiency and professionalism in journalism for local newspapers, youth magazines, media training initiatives, video journalism and citizen journalism.
These people were active in creating youth magazines, which mushroomed in the South at the end of the 1960s and the beginning of the 1970s during the Second Republic, at a time of relative political stability.
As the main sources for his investigation, Siegfried draws on an impressive number of youth magazines, fanzines and underground press publications.
This is not a generation that gets influenced by TV Commercials, because when the remote is in their hand, they flip channels faster than the blink of an eye, and at least in Pakistan, we do not boast of any captivating youth magazines that can promote the products and services they crave.
Mizuno demonstrates that just before the war, engineers, social scientists (dangerously labelled "Marxist"), and popular writers in science youth magazines began to talk and write in similar ways about the role of scientists vis-a-vis the nation and the empire.
A study on how youth magazines reflect and influence trends in drug use has concluded that mixed messages are being sent out to young people.
Our data sources include a youth magazine that explicitly deals with reproductive health; the four most popular youth magazines in 2001-03, which illustrate the imagery of youth sexuality; information from focus group discussions with young men and women in the East Javanese city of Surabaya; publications on reproductive health for youth from the past decade by international, governmental, and non-governmental organisations; and data on sexual activity among young Indonesians.
Or to a recent Newsweek Web piece on "The New Cool" that noted the rise of a conservative sensibility even in self-consciously edgy youth magazines.

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