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see Tristram and IsoldeTristram and Isolde
, medieval romance. The earliest extant version (incomplete) was written (c.1185) by Thomas of Britain in Anglo-Norman French verse. About 1210, Gottfried von Strassburg wrote in German verse a version based on that of Thomas.
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They have created productions with the National Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company and international hits include Tristan & Yseult and Brief Encounter.
The achievements I am most proud of are: June 2012 - singing the Welsh Anthem at the Australia vs Wales Rugby Test Match in Sydney - which was televised around the world; March 2013 - headlining the Los Angeles St David's Day Festival in Hollywood; March 2014 - performing in Nantes, France as the voice of Yseult in a new production of "Tristan and Yseult" (after the producer Alan Simon found me on Youtube); February 2015 - performing as Yseult in the Russian version of "Tristan and Yseult" in Novosibirsk, Siberia.
Yseult Joseph, talented, desirous of becoming an artist, is last seen as a waitress in a hotel bar worrying about getting enough tips for rent, wearing an artificial smile, serving clients clueless about Haiti, and listening to her boss telling her to get back on the boat if she can't understand the words "guest satisfaction.
Yseult was much weighed down and, having been raised a princess--and a mermaid to boot--much surprised by her new station, which included but one servant, the chocolate-hued Irmella, who did not do windows and had formerly been an Obeah witch.
Brittany and Cornwall are also connected in one version of the Medieval romance of Tristan and Yseult.
The successful machinations of female characters, from Yseult of the White Hands in Beroul's The Romance of Tristan to May Archer in Edith Wharton's The Age of Innocence, illustrate women's capacity to fend off rivals and restrain their partners' adulterous impulses.
Ils s'echappent de la vie "volontairement" pour une union absolue comme Tristan et Yseult.
and Meg White; artistic powerhouses such as Lady Gaga an Janelle Monet; "bad girls" such as the immensely talented Winehouse; and bassists such as Sean Yseult of White Zombie, whom the aforementioned Holton noted as being the "first female metal bassist I remember seeing as an impressionable teenager.
Author Sean Yseult was the only woman in White Zombie--and the entire metal scene--from 1986 to 1996: her blend of eleven years of tour diaries, flyers and personal photos makes for a powerful, colorful visual and verbal survey.
Their blend of anarchy and tenderness has entranced audiences with productions including Brief Encounter, Don John, Tristan and Yseult, Nights At The Circus, Rapunzel and Cymbeline.
The company, whose productions of Tristan and Yseult and Cymbeline saw packed houses at The Rep in previous years, is premiering its new show in the city before taking it on tour.
Anthony has also worked with the National Theatre and Kneehigh on the acclaimed production of Tristan and Yseult and has even taken tours to Greece.