an urban-type settlement, administrative center of Zabaikal’sk Raion, Chita Oblast, RSFSR. Located in the southern part of the oblast, Zabaikal’sk has a railroad station, a creamery, and rail transport enterprises.


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Recently, an MP in the Siberian region of Zabaikalsk (http://www.
Based on weighted average of Russian Railways' oil tariffs to Zabaikalsk and Naushki.
At Zabaikalsk, last Russian outpost against Chinese invasion, we waited interminably while engine and carriages were all hoisted aloft to change bogies.
Electronic auction: supply of solid fuel (brown coal) for mapp zabaikalsk across the state border of the russian federation, located in the trans-baikal territory, for the needs of the chita branch of fgku rosgranstroy
Electronic auction: acquisition of a dwelling (a comfortable apartment) for orphans and children left without parental care and persons from their number in the town of zabaikalsk, zabaykalsky district, zabaikalsky krai (4665-ea)
Open Competition: Number OK-MSP-Nkpzab-16-0002 For The Right To Sign The Agreement To Supply Tires For Lift Trucks Such As Reach Stacker Capacity Of 45 Tons For The Needs Of The Container Terminal Zabaikalsk Branch Of PJSC Transcontainer In The Trans-Baikal Railway.