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The conference will be attended by more than 500 attendees from inside and outside the geographical region of Zagazig University.
The contract will also include equipping the operations control centre located in Zagazig.
At a market in the Delta town Zagazig, northeast of Cairo, business is tough for vegetable vendor Nagy el Din Osman.
Siemens will also equip the operations control centre in Zagazig.
Three detained students have been prevented from taking their midterm exams at Ain Shams and Zagazig Universities, according to an Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression (AFTE) report.
Modernization of the Signaling System on the Benha Zagazig Ismailia Port Said Corridor Project in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
Two tenders for the construction of two administrative buildings to host the company's branches in Zagazig City & Abu Kebir City.
A drive-by shooting near a Zagazig police station on Sunday critically wounded two police officers and ended in the death of one of the attackers.
A colonel in the armed forces was injured when unidentified men opened fire in Zagazig on Tuesday morning in what marks the third attack of its kind in four days, which have already left two policemen dead.
Client Name : Zagazig University, Faculty for Specialized Education, The Cashier
At Zagazig University, security forces stormed the university campus to disperse a protest organised by SAC.