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Ms Zaitun further said that they had also submitted an application in Peshawar High Court (PHC) to provide justice and release her husband.
Zaitun said: "I've lost weight, my diabetes has improved and I feel much fitter thanks to cycling.
A further 11 soldiers, including one officer, were wounded when a roadside bomb exploded within an Iraqi army base in the town of Zaitun, which is within the disputed province of Kirkuk, according to police Captain Barzan al-Obeidi.
Zaitun Mohamed Kasim, Islam and Polygamy (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Sisters in Islam 2002), i.
Around 100 members of the Samouni family were in their home in Zaitun when it came under Israeli bombing, killing 26 of them.
78) The Arabs knew it as Zaitun and Ibn Battuta spoke in the mid-fourteenth century of the harbour of Zaitun as 'one of the greatest in the world--I am wrong: It is the greatest
Elizabeth Aguiling-Pangalangan (the Philippines), Jashodhara Dasgupta (India), Kalpana Kannabiran (South Asia) and Zaitun Mohammad Kasim (Islamic countries) problematise and articulate the varied impact of Catholic, Hindu and Islamic fundamentalisms on SRHR, and begin the discussion on strategies for addressing these obstacles.
Zaitun "Toni" Mohamed Kasim (1967-2008) is an activist, facilitator, trainer and writer on social justice issues, whose expertise covered such issues as gender, sexuality, sexual rights, human rights and women's rights, as well as the rights of women in Islam.
Ross Burnham of Athol, center, rests in front of a fan at the Al Zaitun restaurant in Bayji, Iraq.
Zaitun Mohamed Kasim from Sisters in Islam said this was not the first time such insensitive comments were made by lawmakers, which reflect a deep culture of sexism in parliament.
Despite this finding, two rocket battalions were created; one called codenamed Teen (Fig) and the second codenamed Zaitun (Olive).