a city in Yugoslavia, in the Socialist Republic of Serbia; situated in the East Serbian Mountains, on the Timok River. Population, 19,000 (1967). It has a flour mill, a brewery, a textile mill, a tannery, and a ceramic plant. Coal is mined near Zaječar.

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Faculty of Management Zajecar, Megatrend University Belgrade, Park Suma "Kraljevica" bb, 19000 Zajecar, Serbia
6 million for 13% of shares in Gorenje, the Chairman of the Gorenje Managing Board Franjo Bobinac announced that Japanese engineers would soon come to that company and start working with local Gorenje experts on the development of a new-generation washing machines that would be produced in Zajecar starting 2015.
Teodora Talpae was trying to reach a hospital in Zajecar but was stranded when heavy snow blocked the road.
A collection of photographs by the winners will be displayed in Serbian towns of Zajecar, Paracin and Aleksinac from March 20, to April 2, 2012.
Washington, Nov 30 (ANI): A team of archaeologists has discovered monumental buildings below Romuliana, an ancient site in Zajecar in Serbia, covering a total of 300 square meters, which suggests that it was a typical Roman settlement.
Several pilot projects are implemented recently: involving of CMS in the First Public Prosecution Office in Belgrade, Special Court in Belgrade is a project funded by USAID and managed by NCSC, Municipal court in Zajecar is the project funded and managed by the German IRZ foundation, District Public Prosecution Office in Belgrade, example of involving of CMS in the biggest PO in the Serbian Judiciary.
It is providing assistance to the Front Foundation from Novi Pazar, Iskorak Foundation from Zajecar, Moonlight Foundation from Subotica, and Obrenovac Youth Foundation helping to build these local foundations organizational and operational capacity.
The Minister said that the construction of a fire station in Zajecar so far cost RSD 97 million, noting that for the completion of this project an additional RSD 90 million is needed.
Faculty of Management in Zajecar, Megatrend Univerzitet, Zajecar 19000, Serbia E-mails: [1] dragisa.
Serbia's Minister of Regional Development and Local Government of the Republic of Serbia Verica KalanoviA visited the village Farm near Zajecar, where depopulation and migration territory were very pronounced.