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(zə-kät`) [Arab.,=purification], Islamic religious tax, one of the five basic requirements (arkan or "pillars") of Islam. All adult Muslims of sound mind and body with a set level of income and assets are expected to pay zakat. Zakat is due yearly on certain types of property and is distributed to eight categories of individuals specified by the Qur'an. These categories are usually defined to include orphans, the poor, travelers, beggars, debtors, slaves, and the efforts to propagate Islam. Zakat is payable, at different rates, on crops, harvests, herds, gold and silver, and merchandise. For gold and silver, which is understood to include all liquid assets, the rate is 2.5%. Being religiously prescribed, zakat is distinct from charity (sadaqa) which is voluntary. Zakat is essentially a personal exercise with no intermediary control, and could be given directly to its recipients, although a central treasury often collects it. In recent times, Pakistan, Sudan, and Saudi Arabia have enacted legislation to enforce the zakat.



(Arabic, ‘‘purification”), a religious “purifying tax” among the Muslims; it is prescribed in the Koran and its size and the rules concerning its use are discussed in the sharia. The zakat was designed for the maintenance of Muhammad and his family and for aid to the poor, travelers, and the participants in the “holy wars1’(jihad). In the feudal Muslim state, the zakat was levied (only from Muslims) on cattle, handicrafts, trade profits, personal money, and precious stones and jewels. Today, the zakat is a voluntary contribution to the Muslim clergy.

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The CIOG has been in existence for 35 years and supports the socio-economic development of Muslims in Guyana through their support of 137 mosques throughout Guyana, their Zakaat program, education, dawah, healthcare, disaster relief and women empowerment.
The anti-corruption committee of the district has decided to register cases and initiate departmental action against the officials of various departments including Revenue, Education, Police, Agriculture Extension, Highways, Director College, TMAs, Zakaat and Ushr, Food and other departments on the charges of corruption.
Rangers had decided they would not let the partys Khidmat-e-Khalq Foundation collect Zakaat and Fitra, and they stopped us by using their powers," he added.
JI Ameer said that he doesn't recognize any taxes including General Sales Tax (GST) except Zakaat.
QUETTA -- A meeting of Balochistan Assembly Standing Committee on Social Welfare, Women Development, Zakaat, Oshar, Hajj and Auqaaf, Minorities and Youth Affairs was held with Chairperson, Dr.
Shama Ishaq was elected member standing committees on Social Welfare, Women Development, Zakaat and Ushar, Hajj and Auqaf.
Chairperson, Standing Committee on Social Welfare, Women Development, Zakaat, Ushr and Hajj, Minorities and Youth Affairs, Dr.
QUETTA -- A meeting of Standing Committee of the Balochistan Assembly on Social Welfare, Women Development, Zakaat and Ushr, Hajj and Auqaf and Youth Affairs was held at the assembly premises.
Standing Committee on Information, Sports, Culture, Tourism, Heritage, Museum and Library will be headed by Kishor Jatak while Ghan Sham will be Chairman of Standing Committee on Social Welfare, Women Development, Zakaat and Ushar, Hajj and Auqaf and Minorities.
This was said by Provincial Minister for Zakaat Saleem Khoso in the Balochistan Assembly, which met here on Saturday with Deputy Speaker Syed Matiullah Agha in the chair.
Minister for Local Government and JUI-N leader Abdul Khaliq Bashar Dost and Minister for Zakaat Mir Saleem Khoso also condemned the murder of women of Mir Domkis family.