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In order to comprehend why Zanzibaris came to believe in the constructed images of 'the other', Part II, War of Words, provides a discussion of how the intelligentsia shaped ethnic nationalism through their written debates.
Third, Gurnah suggests that the political awareness of young Zanzibaris was important in their engagement with independence and in developing a new type of nationalism.
Dispossessed indigenous Zanzibaris (known as Shirazis) became agricultural workers, sharecroppers, or semi-serfs.
On Stanley's second journey in the heart of the Congo, the crew of Zanzibari porters, marveled at the extraordinary wealth before their eyes as they sailed on the river, are portrayed as deeply astonished by the display of riches:
For the small fraction of Zanzibaris who are not Muslim, (510) there are not even any official statutes regulating divorce, maintenance, and child custody.
In Zanzibar, some Muslims remained concerned that the 2001 Mufti Law, which allows the Zanzibari government to appoint a mufti for the purposes of overseeing Muslim organizations and acting as a liaison with the Government, continued to permit undue government control of religious affairs.
The archipelago's surrounding waters, beaches, and seabed are a source of income for thousands of Zanzibaris.
16) Francisco de Monclaro was even struck by the familiarity of the Zanzibari geography and wrote that "the country itself and the trees resemble Portugal very much" (Theal 1898(3):212).
Nilo-Hamites are here, and so are wiley Zanzibaris and Bantu tribes on the Coast `with political and social institutions of a very primitive character' (p.
Speaking at the launching ceremony of Trans World Aviation Limited Company for ground handling services, Iddi said, "Improving services at our airport means a lot for Zanzibaris.
As stated earlier, a large percentage of Zanzibaris are Muslims, and most of the informants commented on music with several references to Islam.
Honourable Speaker, I regret to say that since I became a member of the cabinet in 2000, I have not understood anything [about] the distribution of the natural gas that has been discovered and is accruing revenue [for] the Tanzanian mainland," Mansour said, acknowledgeing the fact that the Zanzibaris had never benefited from the natural gas produced on the mainland.