Zaporozhets, Petr Kuzmich

Zaporozhets, Petr Kuz’mich


Born Jan. 5(17), 1873, in Belaia Tserkov’; died Feb. 19 (Mar. 4), 1905, in Vinnitsa. Leader in the Russian revolutionary movement.

Zaporozhets, while a student in the St. Petersburg Institute of Technology, which he entered in 1891, joined a Marxist circle and in 1895, under the leadership of V. I. Lenin, helped organize the St. Petersburg Union of Struggle for the Emancipation of the Working Class. As a member of the central circle of the union, he carried out Social-Democratic propaganda work among workers in the Narva and Moscow Gates districts of St. Petersburg. He was arrested in December 1895 and sentenced to five years in exile; while in prison he be-came mentally ill. He died in a hospital.


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