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zebrawood, zebrano

A moderately hard and heavy wood, pale yellow or pinkish brown, having pronounced dark stripes; found in central and western Africa. Used for plywood and decorative applications.
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uk, 01206 577102) Tristan designed and built the staircase using solid Zebrano timber and thick sheets of glass Nicola enjoys her lovely open-plan living area Let there be light.
Pelham Crescent landed the 1m2f handicap and Zebrano came from last to first in the 1m handicap.
Commonly known as zebrano, zebrawood is a hard, heavy and dense wood.
Also known as Zebrano, the wood of the species Microberlinia, imported from West Africa (Gabon, Cameroon and the Congo).
Three weeks before Morrison stabbed Amy to death the couple were out in Zebrano nightclub in London's Soho to celebrate Amy's 19th birthday.
The colt came with a late run in that seven-furlong race and failed by two heads to catch the leaders, Rio Royale and Zebrano.
Choose from nearly 300 fabric selections to complement seven exotic veneers such as Canaletto and Zebrano, used in essentials for bedroom, dining room and bedroom.
Schleech Design's vases are made from such woods as zebrano, sycamore, cherry, Spanish cedar, birch, ebony, maple, mahogany, walnut and sapele pomele.
Like many others, the company is dropping ozone-depleting air-conditioning refrigerant in another move, Audi is now trimming its interior with a more common walnut rather than the endangered Canadian elm; this after discarding the rain-forest-grown zebrano wood a few years back.
Zabrano: Crafted to resemble Zebrano, or Zebrawood, from the Congo of Africa.
The highest quality materials have been used throughout the penthouse, the interior includes Jordanian limestone, East African Zebrano wood and Italian travertine marble.
50 inches thick, the textured laminate panels are available in 11 decorative colors, including: Cordoba Pine, Pen Pine, Exotic Walnut, Rift White Oak, Grey Lines, Bamboo and Brown Zebrano.