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BLAME Z Megrahi at his trial in Camp Zeist in Holland in 2001
Camp Zeist Court is the smallest place on earth that contains the largest number of liars.
Firsthand accounts from outside observers show that the Zeist Moravian settlement maintained many of the Herrnhut distinctives in their worship, teachings, and operations.
I for one am delighted that a man I now consider innocent because of the evidence I was allowed to hear at Zeist is at home with his family at last.
Palynological methods have been used successfully for the stratigraphic subdivision of sediments in the Damascus basin, and the surrounding regions, since the early 1960's (Razvalyaev, 1966: 64), Niklewski & Van Zeist (1970), Hussein (1973, 1998), Hussein & Ribakova (1973), Kaiser et al.
Al-Megrahi's trial and appeal were held at Camp Zeist in the Netherlands.
In 2001, judges at a special court at Camp Zeist in Holland found Megrahi guilty of murder.
Jurgens, TNO Nutrition and Food Research, Utrechtseweg 48, 3704 HE Zeist, P.
Victoria Leignadier, commander, 598th Transportation Group, in a eulogy at the Zeist Cemetery.
Mans van Zandbergen was one of the coordinators of the 1986 WILPF International Congress in Zeist, the Netherlands.
A report by the OAU's commission of jurists, who were dispatched to observe the original trial at a special Scottish court sitting at Camp Zeist in the Netherlands, said the "case against (Megrahi) cannot by any stretch of the imagination be said to have been proved and the entire conviction is based upon flawed premises".