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(Terioki until 1948), a city in Leningrad Oblast, RSFSR. Located on the northern shore of the Gulf of Finland, with a railroad station 50 km to the northwest of Leningrad. Population, 16, 000(1970).

Zelenogorsk is a sea resort in the Leningrad Resort Region. Aerotherapy, heliotherapy, and thalassotherapy are practiced here; patients with diseases of the heart and circulatory system are treated, as are persons suffering from tuberculosis and poliomyelitis or their aftereffects. There are sanatoriums and houses of rest and an 880-hectare forest. In the village of Il’ichevo, 11 km from Zelenogorsk, there is a Home-Museum of V. I. Lenin. According to the general plan (1963; A. I. Naumov and other architects), the large rest area includes hotels, cultural and shopping structures, and microregions of permanent dwellings. A hotel and restaurant for autotourists (1959; architect, V. D. Kirkhoglani), the Morskoi Priboi House of Rest (1967; architect, E. I. larmolinskii), and the Olen’ Restaurant (1970; architect, S. I. Evdokimov) have been constructed.


Molotkov, G. Zelenogorsk. Leningrad, 1965.
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During the year, they will be held in Krasnoyarsk, Zelenogorsk, Achinsk, Nazarovo, Kansk, Minusinsk, Lesosibirsk, Norilsk, Dudinka, Krasnoturansk, Uyar, Yermakovskiy, Shushensky and Yemelyanov.
ENGLAND'S World Cup base is situated close to the tiny towns of Zelenogorsk and Repino, north of St Petersburg.
Their plants at Seversk, Zelenogorsk, Angarsk and Novouralsk account for about 40% of world capacity.
In the Electrochemical Plant in Zelenogorsk, Russia, thousands of centrifuges were in operation for months in order to facilitate the more than 99.
In the vicinity of Zelenogorsk (former Terijoki) town, since the construction of a yacht club harbour in 1910 that extends to about 100 m offshore from the shoreline, the sandy beaches to the east of the harbour have degraded and the shoreline has a retreat up to 90 m (Fig.
An identification of funding sources other than CTR funds that could be possibly used for the construction of such plants in the event that the option of fossil fuel energy is chosen as part of the plan to shut down the nuclear plutonium production reactors at Seversk and Zelenogorsk.
According to the results of the action, sculptures of schoolchildren from Zelenogorsk, Krasnoyarsk, Minusinsk, Dzerzhinsky, Emelyanovskiy, Kazachinsky, Karatuzsky, Rybinsky, Tyukhtetsky districts, ZATO of Solnechny were recognized as the best works in the nomination "Winter fairy tale of the yard".
Feeling the real support of the state, in 2018 the Zelenogorsk gardeners again plan to apply for participation in competitive selection and urge non-profit associations from all over the region to show an active civil position in this matter.
Address : 663694, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Zelenogorsk, Ul Parkovaya, 6