Zeller, Karl

Zeller, Karl


Born June 19, 1842, in St. Peter in der Au, in Lower Austria; died Aug. 17, 1898, in Baden, near Vienna. Austrian composer. Exponent of the Viennese classic operetta.

A pupil of S. Sechter, Zeller composed such popular operettas as The Bird Seller (staged 1891) and The Chief Mine Inspector (staged 1894; known in Russia as Martin the Miner). His operettas, which take their subject matter from the life of the people, revolve around an entertaining dramatic intrigue; the music is melodic and accessible. Zeller made extensive use of musical folklore, including that of the Tirol, and furthered the traditions of the Austrian Singspiel. Zeller’s works include Joconda (staged 1876), The Carbonari (staged 1880), and The Vagabond (staged 1886).


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