Zero Point

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zero point

[′zir·ō ‚pȯint]
A complex number at which an analytic function assumes the value zero.
The location of the center of a burst of an atomic missile at the instant of detonation; the zero point may be in the air, or on or beneath the surface of land or water, dependent upon the type of burst, and it is thus to be distinguished from ground zero.

Zero Point


the zero position of the origin of some frame of reference. In opticomechanical measuring instruments and in the scale of values of microscopes and rulers, the zero point is an imaginary point or gradation that corresponds to the zero indicator of the reading mechanism. The zero point can vary in these instruments because of particular design features or because of various external forces (temperature, pressure). The zero point is determined by special research or by observation.

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He also demanded the concerned authorities to get the Zero Point gate reopened as soon as possible.
Now Zero Point opens for only three days when people from Iran come to export their commodities to Pakistan.
This newest lease with Zero Point Zero reflects the successful re-positioning of the building and the continued confidence our tenants have in management and the quality of the building.
a Silicon Valley startup, claims to have created a completely new science and theory to harness zero point energy.
Priza Technologies has proposed a more complete space-time theory named as "neo unification theory", using which they have come up with a method to harness zero point energy.
Iran closed zero point on 22 September citing the construction reason.
I learned that "The Wellness Wand incorporates a new technology from Asia, which allows universal life energy, sometimes called zero point energy or Prana, to be focused through the tip of a stainless steel tube shaped like a pen.
ISLAMABAD: Capital's most important mega project - Zero Point Interchange (ZPI) - has been delayed because of Capital Development Authority's (CDA) financial problems.
The company has added a zero point clamping system to its line of quick change fixturing solutions.
Here an investigation is made on the possible role of the zero point energy of quantum mechanical vacuum fluctuations as an origin of dark energy and matter.
Greensboro, NC, reduced its setup time, improved the flexibility of its shop, and maintained a level of accuracy, repeatability, and rigidity using the Unilock Zero Point pallet system from Schunk, Inc.
Zero Point Energy: The Fuel of the Future is a marvelous introduction to the concept of zero point energy and what its practical applications could mean in a future where fossil fuels become increasingly depleted.