Zgorzelec, Treaty of 1950

Zgorzelec, Treaty of (1950)


a treaty determining the Polish-German border.

In accordance with the Warsaw Declaration of Governments (June 6, 1950), the Treaty of Zgorzelec was signed on July 6, 1950, by representatives of the Polish People’s Republic and the German Democratic Republic. The treaty conformed to the resolutions of the Crimean (Yalta) Conference of 1945 and of the Potsdam Conference of 1945, which called for the return to Poland of lands that had been taken from it in the past and which established Poland’s western borders. Under the Treaty of Zgorzelec the state border between Poland and Germany extends from a point on the Baltic west of Swinoujscie to the Oder (Odra) River and up the Oder to its juncture with the Lusatian Neisse (Nysa-Luzycka), which it follows to the Czechoslovak border.


Trybuna Ludu, July 7, 1950.
Neues Deutschland, July 7, 1950.