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, city and municipality (2010 pop. 23,019,148), in, but independent of, Jiangsu prov., E China, on the Huangpu (Whangpoo) River where it flows into the Chang (Yangtze) estuary.
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, China.
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Contractor address : 42F,Intercontinental Center,100 Yutong Rooad, zhabei District
For the control group, we recruited students from the elementary and middle schools of Zhabei and Hongkou Districts of Shanghai.
In the first half of 2015, Huashi Pharmacy, a subsidiary of the Company progressively to conduct "prescription drugs out-proportioning from designated pharmacy" as a pilot, and established a designated pharmacy in Changning and Zhabei, Shanghai respectively.
In Zhabei District, Shanghai, a six-year-old child from a migrant worker's family lost his arms in an electrical accident, which is a great burden for the family.
Verrex's office is located in the Zhabei District of Shanghai, a growing business and commercial center.
the Shanghai Proper, includes 9 core districts (Huangpu, Luwan, Xuhui, Changning, Jing'an, Putuo, Zhabei, Hongkou, and Yangpu).
We will keep it up, provide exceptional experience to the customers, and at the same time make the contributions to the Zhabei district.
In 1913, the SPBC had its headquarters in Zhabei and a general office in the International Settlement after 1922.
China also made a clean sweep in the Mixed Use category with Chongbang Group receiving the plaudit for its already built Life Hub @ Daning in the Zhabei District of Shanghai, while Capital Land (China Investment Company Ltd), scored with Raffles City at 1 Dongzhimen Nan Da Jie in Beijing.
Chen Min, vice director, Shanghai School for the Blind, 402/23 Lane 777 Yuanping Road, Zhabei District, Shanghai, 200436 China; e-mail: <lili_chenmin@yahoo.
Code 250) for the Zhabei District of Shanghai between January 1, 2001, and December 31, 2002.
Covering approximately 70 000 square meters, Cucumber Lane is located in the immediate neighborhood of the Shanghai Railway Station in the Zhabei District.