Zhumagali Sain

Sain, Zhumagali


Born 1912, in aul (village) No. 7, present-day Aryk Kolkhoz, Aryk-Balyk Raion, Kokchetav Oblast; died May 28, 1961, in Alma-Ata. Soviet Kazakh poet. Member of the CPSU from 1940.

During the Great Patriotic War (1941–45), Sain was the political instructor for a partisan detachment. For a time he was a teacher. His works were first published in 1928. Sain wrote anthologies of verses and narrative poems, including Poem of Happiness (1936), Marching Songs (1944), Aigak (1948), and Samal (1957). These works are distinguished by a strong civic spirit. In 1961, Sain published the novella On the Way. He translated M. lu. Lermontov’s A Hero of Our Time.


Shïgharmalar, vols. 1–3. Alma-Ata, 1962–65.
In Russian translation:
Prostor: Stikhi. Moscow, 1958.
Stikhi. Alma-Ata, 1968.


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