Zimbabwe African People's Union

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Zimbabwe African People’s Union


(ZAPU), an African nationalist party in Southern Rhodesia.

ZAPU was founded in 1961 as the successor to the African National Congress (founded 1957) and the National Democratic Party (1960). It advocated the armed overthrow of the racist regime, the establishment of majority rule, and the implementation of major democratic socioeconomic reforms. In September 1962 the party was banned but continued to function illegally.

ZAPU was led by J. Nkomo. It published the journal Zimbabwe Review. In 1976, ZAPU and the Zimbabwe African National Union, founded in 1963, agreed to form the Patriotic Front of Zimbabwe under the leadership of Nkomo and R. Mugabe. In 1977 the front was recognized by the Organization of African Unity as the sole and genuine representative of the national liberation movement in Southern Rhodesia.

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Police anti-riot squads moved in as hundreds of blacks danced and demonstrated for the Patriotic Front outside the political offices of Nkomo's banned Zimbabwe African People's Union.
ZAPU-PF Zimbabwe African People's Union Patriotic Front
Thus, the book illustrates how the tension of gender roles both within and without the church manifested itself in sometimes unexpected ways: for example, how a single family could produce both a legendary woman pastor credited with mediating multiple miracles and a man--her son--who joined the armed wing of the Zimbabwe African People's Union nationalist political party and fought in Zimbabwe's liberation war in the 1970s.

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