Zinaida Volkonskaia

Volkonskaia, Zinaida Aleksandrovna


Born Dec. 3 (14), 1792, in Turin; died Jan. 24 (Feb. 5), 1862, in Rome. Princess, Russian writer.

A. S. Pushkin, A. Mickiewicz, E. A. Baratynskii, D. V. Venevitinov, and other writers and poets visited Volkonskaia’s salon in Moscow in 1826-27. In 1829 she left Russia for Italy. N. V. Gogol lived for a long time at her Roman villa. Volkonskaia wrote verses, poems, and novellas in Russian, French, and Italian. Her historical work A Fifth-Century Slavic Picture was published in Paris (1824), Moscow (1825), and Warsaw (1826). Pushkin, Mickiewicz, and others praised Volkonskaia in their works.


Sobr. soch. [vols. 1-2; vol. 1 in French]. Paris-Karlsruhe, 1865.


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