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in the Bible, pass or wadi, through which an allied army moved from the Dead Sea toward Jerusalem to attack Jehoshaphat.
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En cada caja de Petri, se sembraron cuatro muestras, de 20 [micron]L de la solucion, las cuales se esparcieron en ziz zag, con un asa bacterial redonda esteril.
Fue recogida por Carlos Esteban Brasseur de Bourbourg en 1856, de una version que ya tenia escrita y sabia de memoria el anciano indigena Bartolo Ziz, quien era antiguo actor y director de la obra en su pueblo, Rabinal, donde la obra se habia representado durante trescientos anos.
The Director General of the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa, Abdela ziz Khalaf stressed the need to encourage the contribution of Arab and African c a pitals in the investment sectors in Africa and highlighted the enormous natural p otentials of the continent.
Usually only kampung near or on the slopes of the volcano that are immediately threatened by lava flows or mudslides actively engage in protective measures involving appeals to Nyai Roro Kidul (in Central Java), the spirit of the mountain, or to God--all entities beyond the confines of the kampung (Laksono 1988:192-3; Ziz 2005:8).
With the cruise industry officially commencing on the 27th of October, Minister Skerrit told ZIZ News he is excited that the destination was able to attract an upsurge in activity, despite the present difficulties the cruise sector faces.
More peril was clearly on the horizon for poor Amy and her father as Serkis tramped out of Marshalsea prison in the rain muttering "curse ziz poxy weather.
Ziz is a big, yellow bird with purple feathers sticking out of his head in all directions and big green eyes.
Steve Harris (Reading): 7-2 Blonde Dino, 9-2 Cleenas Lady, Fear Haribo, 5 Vipar Totti, 10 Brickfield Class, 14 Rough Gerrard, 16 Bower Turbo, 25 Blonde Jeannie, 33 Blakes World, Blitz, Calzaghe Joe, Coyote Justine, HesOn Fire, Kilgraney Agassi, Moaning Ziz ou, 50 Crownville Cosmo, Droopys Kolo, Mulcair Jo, Noirs Ted, Paddys Ceilidh, Snazzy Rover, 66 bar.
35 ZIZ ZAG DUTCHMAN can give market leader Westmead Liz a run for her money.
It's the collaborative brainchild of San Francisco's EXIT Theatre and New York City's Horse Trade--and unlike many off-the-radar festivals, FRIGID is "uncensored, unjuried and totally downtown," says Erez Ziz, Horse Trade's managing director and co-founder, and it guarantees a minimum of 5 performances for those willing to prepare a 60-minute show.
During ze fifz yer, ze unnecessary `o' kan be dropd from vords containing `ou' and after ziz fifz yer, ve vil hav a reil sensibl riten styl.