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112) Inber completed her revisions in late 1944 and brought her diary to Vishnevskii, then the editor of Znamia.
No nezavisimoi derzhavoi Ukraine byt uzhe pora: I znamia volnosti krovavoi la podymaiu na Petra (For now is the time for an independent Ukrainian state.
Rubtsov, Alexander, "Prizrak svobody: PUTINskaa Rossia mezdu liberalnym i neototalitarnym proektami" [El espectro de la libertad : la Rusia de Putin entre los proyectos liberales y neototalitarios], Znamia [La Bandera], num.
journals Rodnik, Mitin zhurnal, Vavilon, Znamia, and others.
1935-1937 and the third part, unrevised and unchecked by the author, in Znamia .
5) Witness Shklovskii's withering accusation in 1932, partly motivated by the personal enmity thathad played a significantrole in the dissolution of Lef, that Brik and his wife Lilia were 'boiling [Maiakovskii] down for glue': Kornei Chukovskii, 'Iz dnevnika 1832-1969', Znamia, 11 (1992), 135-94 (P 136).
We only once got an answer--when we sent "The Unknown Soldier" to Znamia [The Banner] and got back a letter pointing out that wars may be just or unjust, and that pacifism as such cannot be approved" (HAH, 183).
2) Buida, "Boris i Gleb," Znamia 1 (1997): 8-49; 2 (1997): 106-157.
El manuscrito original, en ruso, fue terminado por el autor en 1962 y entregado a la revista Znamia.
Soviet Army soldiers received similar benefits ("L'goty demobilizovannym, ostaiushchimsia rabotat' na Iuzhnom Sakhaline," Krasnoe znamia, 3 December 1946, 2).
Though the novel was published in 1937, portions of it appeared in the journal Znamia in 1936 (see Il'ia Il'f and Evgenii Petrov, Odnoetazhnaia Amerika: Pis'ma iz Ameriki, Moscow: Tekst, 2003, 499).
journals Babylon, Znamia, Novyi mir, Vozdukh, and other venues, She